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LD440 Series Electronic Laser Detectors, Dual Sided

CST/Berger LD440 Electronic Laser DetectorCST/Berger LD440G Electronic Laser Detector
Accurate. Reliable. Performance.

Locate your laser beam easily in bright light or over long distances. The LD440/LD440G can be held by hand, rod-mounted, or magnetically mounted to a drop ceiling grid. Features LCD display, three levels of resolution, and easy-to-see LED's with bright blue ON-GRADE light.

CST/Berger LD440 and LD440G Laser Detectors features seven channels of information

TheLD440 and LD440G features seven channels of informationindicating the position of the detector in the plane of laser light.


CST/Berger LD440 Electronic Rotary Laser Detector, LCD Display
 57-LD440   Electronic Rotary Laser Detector, LCD Display
CST/Berger LD440G ElectronicGreen BeamRotary Laser Detector, LCD Display
ElectronicGreen BeamRotary Laser Detector, LCD Display
CST/Berger ALRHC Carrying Case - Rugged
ALRHC Carrying Case - Rugged

cst/berger transits and survey tools CST/Berger Transits and Survey Tools

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