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Checkpoint 3D-DMS Gen 1 Laser Level and 3D Super Vee

Checkpoint 3D-DMS Gen 1 Laser Level New Checkpoint Item
  The 3D-DMS Dynamic Module Gen 1 Laser Level System is a revolution in quality, function and design that opens up a new world of applications never before attempted in such a portable package. It combines the accuracy of laser technology with the ease of use of Checkpoint's proven, patented level design. This makes alignment faster and easier than ever before – saving time and money. The patented Dynamic Module System features a rotating laser set within the body that can be moved to five positions preset at 45 degrees each for a full range of 200 degrees of adjustment. This allows virtually endless measurement possibilities when used alone or in combination with the unique features of the 3D-DMS System.  
  Professional Features:
  • CNC-machined body is 12" long, includes permanent laser-etched graphics, built-in jack screw, stop plate and tripod mount
  • Five-position Class IIIa laser is accurate to 1/4" at 100 feet, rotates up to 200 degrees of motion, lasts 10,000 hours
  • Five rare earth neodymium magnets helps maintain stable positioning and readings on almost any ferrous surface
  • Hand-calibrated custom-glass 3-vial system reads 90°, 45°, and 0° with top port for viewing from all sides
  • Top-mounted bull's-eye vial for 3D leveling and laser tracking
  • Auto Square setting for fast setup and check-out of any framing, form or room
  • Shock-resistant carrying case includes slope pin kit, two-way beam splitter, lens base and two AAA batteries

Professional Colors:
  • Purple
  • Red

Checkpoint 350 - 3D-DMS Dynamic Module System Gen 1 Laser Level

Checkpoint 350 - 3D-DMS Gen 1 Laser Level

3D-DMS Gen 1 Laser Level New Checkpoint Item
350   $437.99


Checkpoint3D-DMS Gen 1 Laser Level Accessories

Checkpoint 3D Super Vee New Checkpoint Item
  The 3D Super-Vee Mag Base is specially designed to be used with our 3D DMS Gen 1 Laser Level. It's machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, aircraft anodized and features laser-etched graphics for reliable measurement-taking on virtually any job. Our exclusive V-Groove System and eight rare-earth magnets allows the 3D Super-Vee Mag Base to be self-aligning so it can hold solidly onto almost any ferrous working surface – including pipes, beams, and fabricated structures where everything has to be right on the money. If you're a professional in the electrical, plumbing or fabrication trade, this is the Number One item you will need in your toolbox!  
  Product Compatibility:
  • 3D DMS Gen 1 Laser Level

Professional Features:
  • Self-aligning V-Groove  System allows tight fits with almost any working corner or bend
  • CNC-machined billet 6061-T6 alloy body, anodized, laser-etched graphics
  • Eight rare-earth neodymium magnets
  • Perfect for electricians, pipefitters, fabricators

Professional Colors:
  • Black

Checkpoint 355 - 3D Super Vee

Checkpoint 355 - 3D Super Vee

3D Super Vee New Checkpoint Item
355   $179.99


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