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david white lasers

Optical Instruments and Accessories

David White Instruments is one of the leading suppliers of optical and laser instruments in the USA. From high-tech lasers to a full line of optical instruments, David White has made the commitment to meet your high standards.

David White Optical Instruments
David White Universal Transits Universal Transits - LT8-300 Series
Universal Level-Transits with Plumb Bob or Laser or Optical Plummet! From $686.75
David White Line Transfer Unit Transits Line Transfer Units - LT8300
Line Transfer Units make aligning your pipe laser fast and easy. From $873.25

David White Accessories
David White Laser Detectors Laser Receiver

(Laser detectors can also be found at our CST/Berger pages.)
CST/berger Leveling Rods CST/Berger Leveling Rods

(All David White Leveling rods had been replaced by CST/berger leveling rods.)

Give Me More Laser & Measuring Tool Options Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Levels

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