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Line Transfer Unit

LT8-300LTU-LP Universal Line Transfer Unit

The LT8-300 Universal Line Transfer Unit with 360° telescope rotation allows you to see directly below the instrument for pipe laying applications.

  • Versatile - Can be used with pipe aligning lasers or as a level-transit.
  • Powerful 26X Optics - Greater range than competitors' models.
  • Five Minute Horizontal Circle - Provides the accuracy your work demands.
  • Circle Lock - Assures accuracy by preventing the horizontal circle from being moved accidentally.
  • Glass Reticle - With stadia lines for measuring distance. Stadia ratio 1:100.
  • Plate Vial - For rough leveling and general plummeting requirements.
  • Lifetime Warranty - Backs David White's commitment to quality workmanship and materials.
  • The LT8-300 Universal Line Transfer Units include a protective carrying case, rain hood, and objective lens cap.

 LT8-300LTU Line Transfer Unit
 26X telescope–360° telescope rotation–five minute horizontal circle–glass reticle with stadia lines
Includes: Adapter to allow use with 5/8 x 11 tripod, Rain hood, Objective lens cap, and Carrying case

Eliminate pipe laying errors caused by misalignment
David White Line Transfer Unit in use
1. Set up the LT8-300LTU over your pipe laser.
2. Sight on the far point and lock the horizontal screw.
3. Transit over the pipe laser and align the front and back of the pipe laser with the crosshair in the line transfer unit.
4. Transit out to point in ditch. Adjust laser beam left or right to center it in the crosshairs.

  • Power: 26X
  • Length: 8.5" (216mm)
  • Minimum Focus: 6' (1.8m)
  • Aperture: 1.257" (32mm)
  • Field of View: 1' 9" @ 100' (.5m @ 30m)
  • Number of lenses: 8
  • Stadia: 1:100
  • Rotation: 360°

  • Up to 400' (125m)

  • Within 3/16" @ 150' (5mm @ 50m)

Horizontal Circle
  • Graduation diameter: 4-5/8" (117mm)
  • Graduations: Each 1°
  • Numbers: Each 10° (0-90-0°)
  • Vernier: Double direct to 5 min.
  • Wide-stance ball bearings

Telescope Vial
  • 120 sec. per 2mm

Plate Vial
  • 360 sec. per 2.5mm

  • Instrument Only: 9 lbs. 10 oz. (4.4kg)
  • With Case: 18 lbs. 9 oz. (8.4kg)

  • Double-walled polyethylene, safety orange

Recommended Tripod
Laser plummet (LT8-300LTU-LP)
  • Class 2M


9 FOOT ROD MODEL 06-7703
9 FOOT ROD MODEL 06-7703

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