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A/C and Fuel Line Disconnects, Oil Seal Remover & Installer, Stethoscope

Ford Fuel Line Quick Disconnect
3321 $16.99

Tool releases the fuel line locking mechanism on 1989 and newer GM, 1990 and newer Ford and some 1990 and newer Mazda vehicles. Also fits Chrysler Company fuel-injected vehicles (except imports). Fits 5/16 and 3/8" fuel lines. Caution: Relieve system pressure before using. For intended use only.

Ford Fuel Line Quick Disconnect Model 3321

Ford A/C and Fuel Line Spring Lock Coupling
3290 $19.49

Most Ford and Chrysler LH series vehicles are equipped with spring lock couplings on fuel and air conditioning lines. Necessary tool releases locking mechanism on all 4 sizes: A (3/4"), B (5/8"), C (1/2") and D (3/8"). Caution: For intended use only. Do not use with engine running. Release system pressure before disconnecting coupling.

Ford A/C and Fuel Line Spring Lock Coupling Model 3209

2 Piece Fuel Line Kit
61059 $25.49

Set includes disconnect tools for use on many Ford, GM and Mazda vehicles. Also used on Chrysler and Ford A/C Line Adapters. Tools also available individually.

  • 3290 — Ford Air Conditioning and Fuel Line Spring Lock Coupling Tool
  • 3321 — Fuel Line Quick Disconnect Tool

2-Piece Fuel Line Kit Model 61059

Oil-Seal Remover and Installer
492 $36.49

Tool removes and installs upper rear main oil seals with engine and crankshaft in place. It works on both wick- and neoprene-type seals. Chinese Finger-type grip won't slip from the seal during installation. Set includes a wick seal remover, installer, guide funnels, pusher, offset trimmer and neoprene seal punches.

Oil-Seal Remover and Installer Model 492

Mechanic's Stethoscope
835 $23.49

Stethoscope locates the source of engine noise quickly. Listen for trouble by tracing the sound of flowing water, oil, gas or steam. Identify piston slap, worn gears, faulty valves, water-pump failure, damaged gaskets and defective bearings. Stethoscope has a shock resistant handle and disassembles for storage. Caution: Keep away from moving, rotating and electrical components.

Mechanic's Stethscope Model 835

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