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KD Automotive Specialty Tools

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Engine Tools Brake & Wheel Tools
Gear Wrenches & Snake Bite Wrenches Battery, Ignition & Electrical Tools
Filter Wrenches Body Tools
Steering, Suspension & Drive Train Tools Torque & Measuring Tools

KD Engine Tools

KD Carburetor & Distributor Adjusters

2776 GM Carburetor Adjusting Tool

KD Pressure Tester

2521 Fuel Pump Vacuum and Pressure Tester

KD A/C and Fuel Line Disconnects, Oil Seal Remover & Installer, Stethoscope

3321 Fuel Line Quick Disconnect Tool
3290 Ford A/C and Fuel Line Spring Lock Coupling Tool
61059 2 Piece Fuel Line Kit
492 Oil Seal Remover & Installer
835 Mechanic's Stethoscope

KD Flywheel Turner, Compression Testers, Harmonic Balancer and Crankshaft Pulley Puller s

2270 Flywheel Turner
3305 Universal Compression Tester Kit
2428 Compression Tester
2286 Harmonic Balancer Puller
2291 Crankshaft Pulley Puller (Steering Wheel Puller )
3510 GM Steering Wheel Puller Legs

KD Ford Fan Clutch Wrenches, Belt Tensioning Tools

3136 Ford Fan Clutch Wrench Set
3296 Ford Fan Clutch Wrench Set 6.9 & 7.3 L
3422 Ford Fan Clutch Wrench 4.9 L
3472 Fan Clutch Wrench Set
3414 Serpentine Belt Tool
3900 Universal Pulley Holder

KD Piston Ring Filer, Groove Cleaner, Ridge Reamer

2389 Engine Cylinder Ridge Reamer

KD Piston Ring Compressors

2284 Heavy-Duty Piston Ring Compressor
1720 Piston Ring Compressor
1723 Piston Ring Compressor
850 Piston Ring Compressor Set
1114 Piston Ring Compressor Pliers
1119-25 Piston Ring Compressor Bands
1119 Piston Ring Compressor Band 79
1120 Piston Ring Compressor Band 85
1121 Piston Ring Compressor Band 92
1122 Piston Ring Compressor Band 98
1123 Piston Ring Compressor Band 104
1125 Piston Ring Compressor Band 117

KD Serrated Wrenches, Flex-Hones

2304 Serrated Wrench 8MM
2305 Serrated Wrench 10MM
2306 Serrated Wrench 12MM

KD Cylinder Hones and Stones

2833 Engine Cylinder Hone
2834 Replacement Stone Coarse
2835 Replacement Stone Medium
2836 Replacement Stone Fine
3157 3Inch Replacement Stones
3029 Economy Brake and Engine Cylinder Hone Set

KD Cylinder Head and Spark Plug ReThreader s

2125 14MM Cylinder Head Re-Threader Kit
2123 14MM Spark Plug Insert Reamer/Tap
2126 Spark Plug Re-Theader 3/8
2127 Spark Plug ReThreader 7/16
2128 Spark Plug ReThreader 1/2
2129 Spark Plug ReThreader 3/4
3379 14MM Spark Plug ReThreader
730 14 AND 18MM Spark Plug Opening Thread Chaser

KD Specialty Sockets, Oil Pressure Checkers, Oil Pump Primers, Torque Angle Gauge

2569 Oil Pressure and Stoplight Switch Socket
3272 Oil Pressure Sending Unit Socket
3458 OIL Pressure Sending Unit Socket
3343 Engine/Automatic Transmission Oil Pressure Check Kit
3289 Oil Pressure Check Kit
3336 Torque Angle Gauge
3259 Universal Vacuum PVS, TVS Valve & Oxygen Sensor Socket

KD Valve Spring Lifter and Compressors

912 Valve Spring Compressor
380 Valve Spring Compressor
385 Valve Spring Compressor
3271 Deluxe Universal Overhead Valve Spring Compressor
2078 Universal Overhead Valve Spring Compressor
379 * Small Engine Valve Spring Compressor

KD Air Hold Fittings, Tappet Removers, Valve Grinders

901 Air Hold Fitting Set
2992 14 & 18MM Air Hold Extension Hose
2114 Quickie Hydraulic Tappet Remover
501 Grinder For Smaller Valves
505 Grinder For most Valves
KD Gear Wrenches and Snake Bite Wrenches

KD Combination Gear Wrenches - SAE and Metric

9309 4PC Large Combination Gear Wrench Set - SAE
9417 7PC Combination Gear Wrench Set - Metric
9412 12PC Combination Gear Wrench Set - Metric
9413 4PC Large Combination Gear Wrench Set - Metric
9010-32 Individual Combination Gear Wrenches - SAE
9108-25 Individual Combination Gear Wrenches - Metric

KD Stubby Gear Wrenches - SAE and Metric

9520 10PC STUBBY Combination Gear Wrench Set - Metric
9500-06 Individual Stubby Gear Wrenches - SAE
9510-19 Individual Stubby Gear Wrenches - Metric

KD Double Box GearWrenches & DriveAdapter s

9260 6PC Double Box Gear Wrench Set - Metric
9201-04 Individual Double Box Gear Wrenches - SAE
9210-15 Individual Double Box Gear Wrenches - Metric
9231 3PC Gear Wrench DriveAdapter Set - SAE
9230 3PC Gear Wrench DriveAdapter Set - Metric
KD Filter Wrenches

KD Swivoil, Universal, Truck and Tractor Filter Wrenches

3082 Swivoil Filter Wrench 3-7/8
3083 Swivoil Filter Wrench 3-1/4
3324 Swivoil Filter Wrench 3 Inch
190 Universal Oil Filter Wrench
192 Fuel and Oil Filter Wrench
2010 Truck and Tractor Oil Filter Wrench

KD Adjustable and Square Drive Filter Wrenches

2187 Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench
2029 Square Drive Oil Filter Wrench
2320 Heavy Duty Oil Filter Wrench 4-21/32
2321 Heavy Duty Oil Filter Wrench 5-5/32
2322 Heavy Duty Oil Filter Wrench 5-21/32

KD End Cap Oil Filter Wrenches

2790 3 Inch End Cap Oil Filter Wrench
2991 3-3/4 Inch End Cap Oil Filter Wrench
3253 65MM End Cap Oil Filter Wrench

KD 3-Jaw, Strap, Chain Wrenches and Pliers

3288 Universal 3-Jaw Oil Filter Wrench
3368 Oil Filter Wrench Pliers 3-5/8
3369 Oil Filter Wrench Pliers 3-1/8
3508 Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench Pliers
3149 Nylon Strap Oil Filter Wrench
2595 Chain Wrench
KD Steering, Suspension & Drive Train

KD Coil and Strut Spring Compressors, Ball Joint Tools

3450 Coil Spring Compressor
3387 MacPherson Strut Spring Compressor
2287 Ball Joint Separator
3316 Ford Ball Joint CAM Tool

KD Tie Rod and Zerk Fitting

2288 Tie Rod Separator
3312 Deluxe Inner Tie Rod Tool
416 Ramo-matic Zerk Fitting Tool

KD CV Joint, Pitman Arm Puller

3164 Inner CV Joint Puller Adapter
2289 Pitman Arm Puller
3191 CV Joint Boot Clamp Tightening Wrench

KD Pullers: Steering Wheel Lock-Plate, Seal and Pilot Bearing

2291 Steering Wheel Puller (Crankshaft Pulley Puller )
3510 GM Steering Wheel Puller Legs
3509 Steering Wheel Lock-Plate Remover and Installer
41620 Steering Wheel Puller Kit New KD Tool
2824 Seal and Pilot Bearing Puller
3245 Seal Puller

KD Transmission Tools

2398 Automatic Transmission Clutch -Spring Compressor

KD Clutch Tools, Bushing Remover/Installer Sets, Angle Finder

2420 Clutch Aligning Set
3413 Ford Hydraulic Clutch Quick Disconnect Tool
31430 9 PC. Bushing Remover and Installer Set
KD Brake and Wheel Tools

KD Brake Bleeder Tanks and Adapter

2901 Brake Bleeder Tank
3354 Dual Brake Bleeder T-Adapter

KD Drum and Shoe Spring Tools

280 Bendix Drum Brake Spring Tool
285 Brake Shoe Retaining Spring Tool
2774 Universal Brake Shoe Retaining Spring Tool

KD Brake Spring Pliers

298 Brake Spring Pliers

KD Drum Brake Adjusters

287 Drum Brake Adjusting Tool
295 Drum Brake Adjusting Tool

KD Caliper Wrenches, Brake Caliper Hex and Torx Sockets

2147 3/8" Disc Brake Caliper Wrench
2809 8mm Disc Brake Caliper Wrench

KD Disc Brake: Pad Spreader, Adjusting Fixture, and Piston Tools

3376 DISC Brake Pad Spreader
3163 DISC Brake Piston Tool
3355 GM-Ford Disc Brake Piston Tool

KD Brake Cylinder Hones, Stones, and Flex-Hones

267 Brake Cylinder Hone
3029 Economy Brake and Engine Cylinder Hone Set
266 Replacement Stones
2004 Replacement Stones
2483 Brake Cylinder Flex-Hone

KD Brake Gauges and Micrometers

3377 Brake Resetting Gauge
2116 Disc Brake Lining Wear Gauge
2324 Brake Lining Gauge
2326 Tire Tread and Brake Lining Gauge

KD Wheel Weight Tool, Hand Bearing Packer, Tire Tools

3358 Wheel Weight Tool
2775 Hand Bearing Packer

KD Axle Nut Sockets

3161 30MM Axle Nut Socket
3162 36MM Axle Nut Socket
3270 32MM Axle Nut Socket
3449 34MM Axle Nut Socket

KD 4-Wheel Drive Spindle NutWrenches

2467 4-Wheel-Drive Spindle NutWrench
3195 Ford Spindle NutWrench
3246 4-Wheel-Drive Spindle NutWrench
2770 4-Wheel-Drive Spindle NutWrench

KD Truck Spindle NutWrenches

2430 2-3/32 Truck Spindle NutWrench
2431 2-1/4 Truck Spindle NutWrench
2435 2-1/2 Truck Spindle NutWrench
2438 2-9/16 Octagon Truck Spindle NutWrench
2440 2-3/4 Truck Spindle NutWrench
2448 3-1/4 Truck Spindle NutWrench
2449 3-1/4 Octagon Truck Spindle NutWrench
2451 3-1/2 Truck Spindle NutWrench
2453 3-3/4 Octagon Truck Spindle NutWrench
2458 4 Truck Spindle NutWrench
KD Battery, Ignition and Electrical Tools

KD Spark Plug Terminal Pliers, Boot Puller

135 Spark Plug Terminal Pliers
2568 Spark Plug Boot Puller

KD Portable Ignition System, Remote Switch, Distributor Tower Brush , Ignition File

124 Remote Control Starter Switch
2153 Ignition File

KD Distributor Module Socket and Wrench, Distributor Clamp Wrenches

3197 5.5MM Ford Distributor Module Socket
3410 Ford Module Wrench
104 Distributor Clamp Wrench

KD Battery Terminal and Nut Tools

203 Battery Nut Pliers
202 Battery Terminal Puller
204 Battery Terminal Spreader and Cleaner

KD Battery Carrying Straps, Battery Brush es

205 Battery Carrying Strap
2279 Battery Carrying Strap
2173 3-Way Battery Tool
201 Battery Brush
206 Battery Brush

KD Circuit and Continuity Testers

126 High-Low Voltage Tester
129 Low-Voltage Circuit Tester
2646 Low-Voltage Circuit Tester
2647 Circuit Continuity Tester
2649 Circuit & Spark Plug Tester

KD Current Indicator, Short Circuit Detector, Socket Brush , Pulley Puller /Installer

2423 Current Indicator
2524 Short Circuit Detector
2897 Pulley Puller & Installer Set

KD Electrical Strippers, Calibrated Ignition Testers

2162 Electrial Wire Stripper and Crimper
2756 Calibrated HEI Ignition Tester
2757 Calibrated Standard Ignition Tester

For a Full Line of Automotive A/C Specialty Tools:

KD Impact Driver Set

1140 SAE Impact Driver Set

KD Muffler & Tailpipe Chisel, Exhaust Pipe Expanders, Cutter, and Hanger Stretcher

2070 Exhaust and Tailpipe Expander
2071 Exhaust and Tailpipe Expander
2031 Exhaust and Tailpipe Cutter

KD Nut CRackers, Socket Cap Set, Finger Wrench Set, Punch & Chisel Holder

710 Nut CRacker
715 Universal Nut CRacker
3435 Socket Cap Set

KD Flare Nut Wrenches, Socket Set

60 611 9 x 11mm Flare Nut Wrench
60 612 10 x 12mm Flare Nut Wrench
60 613 11 x 12mm Flare Nut Wrench
60 614 13 x l4mm Flare Nut Wrench
60 617 15 x l7mm Flare Nut Wrench
60 618 16 x 18mm Flare Nut Wrench
60 621 * l9 x 21mm Flare Nut Wrench

KD Wrench Rack, Socket and Tool Holders

3363 Wrench Rack
2533 Socket Holder Rack Set
2530 Rack For 1/4 Inch Sockets
2531 Rack For 3/8 Inch Sockets
2532 Rack For 1/2 Inch Sockets
3155 MAG-RAIL Magnetic Tool Holder

KD Screw and Stud Extractors

720 Screw Extractor Kit
2419 Spiral Screw Extractor Kit
1708 Stud Extractor

KD Screw Starters

2282 Slotted Screw Starter
2283 Phillips Screw Starter

KD Thread Restorer Files, Vibro Engraver

2228 Metric Thread Restorer File
2229 SAE Thread Restorer File
2249 SAE Thread Restorer File
2520 Vibro Engraver

KD Telescoping Mirrors

2108 Telescoping Mirror
2109 Telescoping Mirror
2840 Telescoping 1/4" Round Magnifying Mirrors

KD Pickup & Retrieving Tools

2281 Telescoping Magnetic Retrieving Tool
2593 Pocket Telescoping Magnetic Pickup
3437 On/Off Magnetic Pickup Tool
2391 23 Inch Flexible Retrieving Tool

KD Hooks & Picks, Scriber

2554 O-Ring and Seal Pick
3121 Hook and Pick Set
2979 * Scriber While quantities last!

KD Scrapers

2106 All-Purpose Scraper and Sticker Remover
2425 1-1/4 Inch Scraper
2426 3 Inch Scraper

KD Tubing Benders, Cutters, and Flaring Tools

2517 Tubing Bender
2189 Tubing Bender
3457 Tubing Cutter
2107 Mini Tubing Cutter
2198 Flaring Tool
41860 Double Flaring Tool Set

For a Full Line of CPS Automotive Air Conditioning Products:

KD Brushes with Handles

242 Parts Cleaning Brush
2309 Stainless Steel Brush
2310 Curved Handle Wire Scratch Brush
2311 Shoe Handle Wire Scratch Brush

KD Wire End- and Cup-Brush es, Super Brush

2312 1 Inch Knot-Type Wire End Brush
2313 1 Inch Crimped Wire-End Brush
2314 2-1/2 Inch Wire CUP Brush

KD Hose Pliers, Ford Aerostar Heater Hose Tool

145 Hose Pinch-Off Pliers
3975 Hose Clamp Pliers
3978 Large Hose Clamp Pliers
3977 Angled Hose Clamp Pliers

KD Internal and External Snap Ring Pliers

445 Internal Snap Ring Pliers Set
446 External Snap Ring Pliers Set
2395 Internal Snap Ring Pliers

KD Combination and Convertible Snap Ring Pliers

1715 Combination Snap Ring Pliers
2012 Heavy Duty Combination Snap Ring Pliers
3150 Small Convertible Internal and External Snap Ring Pliers
3151 Large Convertible Internal and External Snap Ring Pliers
3152 Extra Large Convertible Internal and External Snap Ring Pliers

KD Lock Ring Pliers, Interchangeable Points Set s, Snap Ring Assortments

2534 Lock-Ring Pliers
447 Interchangeable Points Set
448 Interchangeable Points Set
985 Emergency Snap Ring Assortment

KD Torque & Measuring Tools

KD Feeler Gauge s - All Kinds

162 Feeler Gauge
161 Deluxe Feeler Gauge
2062 Mini Feeler Gauge
2274 Metric Feeler Gauge
163 Valve-Tappet Feeler Gauge
2223 Non-Magnetic Feeler Gauge
2424 Go-No-Go Feeler Gauge

KD Spark Plug Gauges

164 Spark Plug Gap and Feeler Gauge Set
165 Spark Plug Gap Wire Gauge
166 Spark Plug Gap Wire Gauge
2327 Spark Plug Gap Gauge
3293 Spark Plug Gap Gauge
KD Body Tools

KD Trim and Molding Tools

431 Door Handle and Window Lift Remover
2822 Trim Pad Removing Tool
2037 Window Molding Remover
2038 Window Molding Remover
2039 Windshield Wiper Arm Remover

Other KD Body Tools

2290 Body Dent Remover
2761 Deluxe 6 Inch Dent Puller
Items marked with an asterisk * are special order (3-4 weeks delivery)
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