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Nail/Screw and Tool Pouch Combination

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nail/screw and tool-pouch combination
  • Consists of leather left- and right-hand nail-and tool pouches, a fully-adjustable polyweb belt, and tape-rule holder for 20' and 25' tapes.
  • The nail-and-tool pouches feature leather construction, each with a heavy hammer loop; large, flared inside pocket for nails; a smaller pocket in front; three small-tool pockets; and tunnel loop to fit any belt up to 3" (76 mm) width.
  • Large pockets have rolled-over doubled edges for extra-long life.
  • All pouches slide along belt for most convenient working position.
  • Components are also available separately.
42244 $78.99
Complete combination: belt (No. 5225), left-hand (No.42246) and right-hand (No. 42245) nail-and-tool pouches, and tape-rule holder (No. 5195).

tool-pouch combination
42245 $32.99
Right-hand nail-and-tool pouch only.
10" x 11-1/2" (25 x 29 cm).

 tool-pouch combination
42246 $32.99
Left-hand nail-and-tool pouch only.
10" x 11-1/2" (25 x 29 cm).

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