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Flex Bits
Flex Bit Augers, Extensions, Placement Tools, Pulling Grips and Flex Bit Kits

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Flex Bit Augers and Screw Point Flex Drill Bit
Standard Flex Bit Augers and Screw Point Flex Drill Bit Features:
  • Used to drill holes through wood within a wall
  • Screw point tip pulls itself through wood
Other Features of Flex Bit Augers 53717-SEN, 53719-SEN, 53720, 53751-SEN:
  • Use with flexible drill bit placement tool
  • High-speed steel shaft resists deformation
  • Tapered back for easy bit retrieval
Other Features of Screw Point Flex Drill Bit 53718-SEN:
  • Spring steel shaft resists deformation
  • Hardened mandrel for long thread life

Klein 53716-SEN Flex Bit Auger
Klein 53717-SEN Flex Bit Auger
Klein 53718-SEN Flex Bit Auger
Klein 53719-SEN Flex Bit Auger
Klein 53720 Flex Bit Auger
Klein 53751-SEN Flex Bit Auger
Part No. Type Dimensions Price  
53716 Flex Bit Auger 3/8 in. x 54 in. $34.99
53717 Flex Bit Auger 3/8 in. x 72 in. $45.79
53718 Screw Point Flex Drill Bit 9/16 in. x 54 in. $31.49
53719 Flex Bit Auger 3/4 in. x 54 in. $39.49
53720 Flex Bit Auger 1 in. x 54 in. $40.49
53751 Flex Bit Auger 3/4 in. x 72 in. $49.96
Flex Bit Extensions
Standard Flex Bit Extensions Features:
  • Connects to the end of a flex bit and extends the length
  • High-speed steel construction
Other Features of 53722-SEN:
  • For use with 3/4 in. and larger flex bits
  • 1/4 in. (6.3mm) shank diameter
Other Features of 53723-SEN:
  • For use with 9/16 in. and smaller flex bits
    Connection diameter is 7/16 in.
    3/16 in. (4.7mm) shank diameter

Klein 53722-SEN Flex Bit Extension
Klein 53723-SEN Flex Bit Extension
Part No. Type Dimesions Price  
53722 Flex Bit Extension 1/4 in. x 54 in. $18.99
53723 Flex Bit Extension 3/16 in. x 54 in. $18.99
Flex Bit Placement Tool
Klein Flex Bit Placement Tool 53715-SEN
  • Folding design stores more compactly than standard tool.
  • Cushion grip handle for non-slip comfort.
  • For use with flexible drill bits.
  • Positions flexible drill bits horizontally or vertically within a wall.

Part No. Description Price  
53715SEN Flex Bit Placement Tool $18.66

Klein 53715-SEN  Flex Bit Placement Tool
Pulling Grips
Klein - KPS050 and KPS075 - Pulling Grips Klein Pulling Grips
  • Clips to flex bit for pulling wire and cable up to 9/16" in diameter (Cat. No. KPS050); up to 1" (Cat.No. KPS075).
  • Grip (Cat. No. KPS050) is used to pull up to 9/16" diameter wire, cable or fish tape through walls; grip (Cat. No. KPS075) up to 1".
  • Pulling grip attaches to the hole in the tip of the flex bit; wire mesh holds the wire during the pull.
  • Swivel end helps reduce twisting.

Part No. Capacity Maximum Safe Load Price  
KPS050 1/2" - 9/16" 100 lb discontinued
KPS075 3/4" - 1" 185 lb discontinued
Flex Bit Kit
Klein Flex Bit Kit
  • 3 piece kit includes folding placement tool, 1/2" - 9/16" O.D. pulling grip and 9/16" x 54" flexible drill bit.
  • Everything your need to pull up to 9/16" O.D. wire.
  • Complete kit used for drilling and pulling wire and cable.
  • Use placement tool (Cat. No. 53715) to guide bit through walls.
  • Flexible drill bit (Cat. No.53718) makes 9/16" holes in wood.
  • Pulling grip (Cat. No. KPS050) attaches to the flexible drill bit after the hole has been made and pulls 1/2" - 9/16" wire and cable.
Klein Flex Bit Kit
Part No. Description Price  
53721 Flex Bit Kit $47.49
Kit Contains:
  •  53715 - Flex bit placement tool
  • 53718 - Flex drill bit - 9/16" x 54"
  • KPS050 - Pulling grip - 1/2"-916"

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