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Klein Heavy Duty Bolt Cutters and
Replacement Bolt Cutter Heads

Center-Cut Jaws
Heavy-duty side plates keep jaws aligned. No blade skew even under severe loads.
Bolt Cutters, Heavy-Duty

Heavy-Duty Bolt Cutters for Severe Service Use

These cutters are designed for constant use in the most demanding applications. They feature heavy-duty side plates that keep jaws aligned for clean, quick cuts through reinforcing rod, wire mesh, guy strand and many other materials too tough for standard bolt cutters.

  • Four sizes, all with steel handles and precision ground, drop-forged alloy tool steel jaws.
  • Lever design creates 4,000 lbs. jaw pressure with 50 lbs. hand pressure.
  • Handles have heavy vinyl grips for comfort and slip resistance.
  • Replacement bolt cutter heads also available (below).

Heavy-Duty Bolt Cutters
Part No. Overall
Price Order Cutting Capacities
Soft & Medium
Hard Materials*
63524 24" 6-1/2 $180.69
7/16" 5/16"
63530 30" 10-3/4 $205.24
1/2" 3/8"
63536 36" 15-1/4 $214.47
9/16" 7/16"
63542 42" 20 $265.62
11/16" 1/2"
* Up to Brinell 300, Rockwell C31. / ** Up to Brinell 400, Rockwell C42.

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