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Occupational Protective Equipment — Connecting Devices

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Klein Occupational Protective Equipment
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How to — Selecting the Right Connecting Devices
More — The Fall Arrest System
Sizing an OPE Connecting Device
Rope and Nylon Webbing Lanyards used with a Decelaration Unit
Klein Lite Nylon Webbing Deceleration Lanyards
Deceleration Units
V-Sling with Nylon Rope
Anchorage Connectors

Selecting the Right Connecting Devices

Many connecting devices can be properly used in more than one OPE system application. Some connecting devices, however, can be used for only one application. The intended use of each Klein OPE connecting device can be identified by one or more Klein use/function symbols printed on each product warning tag or warning packet. By careful selection, a connecting device can be chosen that offers the necessary features for the work to be done.

Choose a connecting device that is compatible with the OPE system you wish to use. Remember, OSHA prohibits the use of connecting devices with non locking snap hooks in Fall Arrest applications. Make sure your connecting devices are equipped with locking snap-hooks. The decision to use a particular connecting device or a combination of connecting devices (such as one for suspension, another for fall-arrest) in your fall-protection system is based not only on the specific job, but also on your job-site environment. Sharp-edged fall-arrest anchorages, such as I-beams, may require a nylon rope lanyard with wire pigtail; on the other hand, exposure to welding splatter requires a steel-cable lanyard.

Required length of all connecting devices should be determined before reaching the elevated position. Be sure the connecting device you choose for a job is designed and marked for that particular use. Misuse of a connecting device or any other piece of OPE equipment can result in serious injury or death. Know the job before selecting the connecting device.

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Fall Arrest System
Fall-Arrest Symbol

Fall-arrest connecting devices must be short enough and attached to a fall-arrest anchorage in a manner that will limit a worker's free-fall to 6 ft. per OSHA regulations. OSHA also requires that the maximum impact force for a harness system be under 1,800 Ibs.

To most effectively minimize the free fall distance when rigging a Fall Arrest system:
  1. Use as short a length Fall Arrest connecting device as possible.
  2. Minimize the amount of slack.
  3. Always keep the fall-arrest anchorage above shoulder height.
Positioning Symbol Positioning Systems

Positioning connecting devices are intended to hold the worker close enough to the work position so that he will be able to get the job done with his hands free. The required length for the positioning connecting device depends upon the size of the structure to be used as the positioning anchorage.

Suspension Symbol Suspension Systems

Suspension connecting devices are often attached to winches, pulleys, and other mechanical devices. The length of a suspension connecting device depends on the job-site and equipment used to vertically hold the worker at the correct height to do the job.

Retrieval Symbol Retrieval Systems

Choose the shortest lanyard with a minimum amount of slack in order to allow fast removal of a worker in a potentially dangerous situation. The lanyard, however, should be long enough to allow the worker to move around and get the job done.

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Sizing an OPE Connecting Device
Connecting devices are measured from bearing point to bearing point. The undeployed length (or range of lengths, if connecting device is adjustable) is clearly printed on the warning tag or label. This is the undeployed connecting device length. undeployed connecting device length The distance between the harness bearing point (fall-arrest D-ring) and the anchorage connector bearing point (anchorage connector D-ring) must be determined before choosing the proper length connecting device. This is true for all OPE system applications, but accuracy is most important in fall-arrest systems. Proper length Connecting Device total free-fall distance must not exceed 6 ft.
Always rig connecting devices so that in a fall, you avoid contact with structures below. As a general rule, allow an additional 3.5 ft. (1 m) to each fall-arrest connecting device to account for the following connecting device extension factors:
  • Elasticity (stretch) upon impact or load (rope or web lanyards)
  • Extension upon impact (deceleration devices)
Any free-fall distance (slack in the connecting device) must also be added to this 3.5 ft. (1 m) connecting device extension factor to determine the minimum distance to any structure below. To determine free-fall distance, subtract the distance between the harness and the anchorage connector bearing points from the undeployed connecting device length (keeping in mind the height of the worker). In any situation, the total free-fall distance must not exceed 6 ft. (1.8 m).

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Suspension Symbol Klein Rope & Nylon Webbing Lanyards

Fall-Arrest Symbol
Note: Rope and Nylon Webbing Lanyards can be used with a decelaration unit for Fall Arrest. Always use a decelaration unit with aircraft cable lanyards for fall arrest.
Nylon Filament Rope Lanyards — Fixed Length
87417, 87418, 87419, 87435, 87436, 87437
Nylon-Filament Rope Lanyards — Adjustable Length
87428, 87429, 87430
Aircraft-Cable Lanyards -- Fixed Length
87414, 87415
Nylon-Webbing Lanyards -- Fixed Length
87431, 87432
Nylon-Webbing Lanyard -- Adjustable Length
Klein 87417 Nylon-Filament Rope Lanyard
(Shown: 87417)

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Fall-Arrest Symbol Klein-Lite Nylon Webbing Deceleration Lanyards
Klein-Lite Nylon-Webbing Deceleration Lanyard — Fixed Length
Klein-Lite Twin-Leg Nylon-Webbing Deceleration Lanyard — Fixed Length
Klein-Lite Twin-Leg Nylon-Webbing Deceleration Lanyard —  Fixed Length
(Shown: 87475)

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Fall-Arrest Symbol Klein Deceleration Units
Deceleration Unit with Nylon Rope Lanyard
Deceleration Unit with Aircraft-Cable Lanyard -- Klein-Lok Snap-Hook
Deceleration Unit with Aircraft-Cable Lanyard -- D-Ring
Deceleration Unit with Nylon-Webbing Lanyard
Deceleration Unit with Dual Nylon Rope Lanyard
Klein Deceleration Unit

(Shown: 87411)

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Fall-Arrest Symbol Klein Anchorage Connectors
Nylon-Filament Rope Lanyards -- Adjustable Length and Wire Pigtail
Nylon Choker Anchorage Connectors
87920, 87921
Nylon Boom Strap with Friction Buckle
Klein Nylon Choker Anchorage Connector
(Shown: 87920)
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