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Klein offers a quality line of pocket, sportsman, utility and cable-sheath knives
- that provide the best in style, material and performance. These heavy-duty knives all have blades of the finest cutlery steel, tough and carefully tempered to hold their edge. Most of these knives feature strongly-riveted construction with large shackles, steel and brass bodies with special, super-tough plastic handles that won't crack or chip. Handles are textured for better gripping. All screwdriver-tip blades also have a cutting edge; certain blades lock open automatically for more efficient use.

The utility knives feature a retractable razor-edged blade that advances to three locked cutting positions with the aid of a push button.

New - Klein Insulated Beverage Hauler
New! Klein Insulated Beverage Hauler / Thermo
Regular Price: $33.00
Sale Price: $19.99

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Klein Pocket Knives
Klein Sharpening Tools
Klein Utility Knives and Blades
Klein Special Purpose Knives

Klein Pocket Knives
Klein 3-Blade Pocket Knife
Compact Pocket Knives - 44032, 44033, 44034
Coping-Type Pocket Knives - 1550-5, 1550-45, 1550-11, 1550-14
Lightweight Lockback Pocket Knives - 44000, 44000-BLK, 44001, 44001-BLK, 44002, 44003, 44004, 44005, 44007
Money Clip Pocket Knives - 44031
Slitting Pocket Knives - 1550-4, 1550-44, 1550-24
Sportsman Knives - 44035, 44036, 44037
2-Blade Pocket Knives - 1550-2, 1550-42, 1550-10, 1550-7
3-Blade Pocket Knives - 1550-6
Lightweight Lockback Knife Tanto Blade - 44052BLK

Klein Sharpening Tools
Klein Knife & Scissors Sharpener
Pocket-Sized Knife Sharpener - 44151
Knife & Scissors Sharpener - 48036

Klein Utility Knives and Blades
Klein Utility Knife
Retractable-Blade Utility Knife - 44100
Auto-Loading Folding Retractable Utility Knife - 44130
Folding Utility Knife - 44131
Auto-Loading Retractable Utility Knife - 44132
Klein-Kurve® Retractable Utility Knife - 44133
Utility Knife Accessories
Utility-Knife Blades - 44104
Utility Knife Holder - 5716

Klein Special-Purpose Knives
Klein Trip-Saver® Electrical / Maintenance Multi-Tool
Cable-Sheath Splitting Knife - 1515-S
Heavy-Duty Cable-Sheath Splitting Knife, Bell System Type - 1515-1
Lineman's Plastic Handle Skinning Knife - 1570-3, 1570-3LR
Cable-Splicer's Knife - 44200
Cable-Splicer's Kit - 46039-SEN, 46037, 2100-7, 5187, 5187T New Klein Journeyman Aviation Snips
Trip-Saver Electrical / Maintenance Multi-Tool - 1016, 1016RP
Serrated Duct Knife - DK06 New Klein Serrated Duct Knife

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