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Klein Wire Mesh Grips Introduction

Klein mesh pulling-grips are used for pulling overhead or underground cable, for stringing service or communications lines into buildings, for pulling wire through conduit, and for general underground construction.

Klein grips may be used for pulling bare or insulated wires, and wire rope. They install quickly and easily, and are designed to pass readily through ducts, conduit, blocks and sheaves.

Klein grips are reusable and do not damage the cable because pulling tension remains uniform along the length of the grip. The mesh will fit either a single cable, or a bundle of cables. Klein pulling grips are woven of galvanized steel - strong and long lasting.

pulling wire through conduit pulling overhead or underground cable

How to Select Proper Grip Eye and Mesh Type
There are three basic types of pulling grips, together with a choice of wire mesh types and lengths to meet a wide variety of pulling requirements:
KPJ / KPL / KPM pulling grips 1. Flexible Eye:
Closed Mesh: KPJ / KPL / KPM / KP
This pulling-grip eye allows maximum flexibility to follow the line of pull, and is used when the end of the cable is available. Mesh selection depends on the weight of the material being pulled. Closed-mesh, single-weave, flexible-eye grips are offered in lengths for junior-duty and light-duty use; closed-mesh double-weave flexible-eye grips are offered for medium-duty and heavy-duty use.
KPS pulling grip 2. Rotating Eye:
Closed Mesh: KPS
Recommended for heavier pulling jobs and underground wiring, this pulling grip eye is furnished on double-weave mesh grips in a wide range of lengths. The rotating eye compensates for pulling torque, relieving strain on the cable. Rotating-eye grips should not be used on rope or as a swivel.
KSCK / KSSK / KSRK pulling grips 3. Offset Flexible Eye:
Closed and Split Mesh: KSCK / KSSK / KSRK
These slack-pulling grips come in three styles: (1) double-weave closed-mesh (for medium duty where the end of the cable is available), (2) double-weave split-mesh with lace closure (medium duty, where cable end is not available) and (3) single-weave split-mesh with rod closure (light duty, where cable end is not available).

How grips are attached to cable:

Closed-mesh grips:
Closed mesh grips simply slip over the cable where the cable end is accessible.

Split-mesh grips:
Split-mesh grips are used when the end of the cable is not available. The grip is folded around the cable, and secured with a wire lace or steel rod (supplied with the grip).

Wire Mesh Grips
KPJ Junior-Duty
Pulling, Junior-Duty, Closed-Mesh, Single-Weave, Flexible Eye
KPJ junior-duty series is used for small-job requirements where pulling tensions are low. Typical uses are to connect insulated building wire bundles to pulling tape, and pull through conduit.
Cable Diameters: 0.25 -- 1.24"
KPL Light-Duty
Pulling, Light-Duty, Closed-Mesh, Single-Weave, Flexible Eye
KPL light-duty grips are economical for applications such as industrial plant wiring and rewiring jobs, and in underground electrical construction where pulling tensions are low.
Cable Diameters: 0.50 -- 2.99"
KPM Medium-Duty
Pulling, Medium-Duty, Closed-Mesh, Double-Weave, Flexible Eye
KPM medium-duty grips are flexible and easily handled, ideal for use where the exceptional strength of heavy-duty grips is not required.
Cable Diameters: 0.37 -- 1.99"
KP Heavy-Duty
Pulling, Heavy-Duty, Closed-Mesh, Double-Weave, Flexible Eye
KP series are recommended for heavy-duty applications for underground installations.
Cable Diameters: 0.75 -- 2.99"
KPS Heavy-Duty
Pulling, Heavy-Duty, with Rotating Eye, Closed-Mesh, Double-Weave
KPS series are recommended for heavy-duty applications for underground installations. The KPS series has a "rotating eye" to allow twists in the cable to spin out during slack periods.
Cable Diameters: 0.50 -- 3.99"
KSCK Medium-Duty
Slack-Pulling, Closed-Mesh, Double-Weave, Offset Flexible Eye
KSCK medium-duty slack-pulling grips with closed double-weave mesh are used for final placement of underground cable where cable end is available, or for removing cable. Standard lengths are used in restricted space for short pulls. Where space is not restricted, longer lengths are used for higher pulling loads.
Cable Diameters: 0.75 -- 2.99"
KSSK Medium-Duty
Slack-Pulling, Split-Mesh, Double-Weave, Lace Closure, Offset Flexible Eye
KSSK medium-duty slack-pulling grip applications are the same as the KSCK series except they are used where cable end is not available. Double-weave split mesh has lace closure.
Cable Diameters: 0.75 -- 1.49"
KSRK Light-Duty
Slack-Pulling, Split-Mesh, Single-Weave, Rod Closure, Offset Flexible Eye
KSRK light-duty slack-pulling grips are split mesh, single-weave design with rod closure for quick installation. Applications are similar to KSSK series, except mesh lengths are shorter and are for lower pulling loads.
Cable Diameters: 0.50 -- 1.24"
rotating eye allows twists in the cable to spin out during slack periods

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