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Klein Tools

Klein Electrician's / HVAC Multimeters

Designed by Electricians for Electricians

Klien Manual Ranging Multimeter MM100
Klien Electrician's / HVAC Multimeter MM 1000

Klien Electrician's/ HVAC Multimeter MM 1000
Magnetic Hanger Accessory

Klien Electrician's/ HVAC Multimeter MM 1000
Measure Large Capacitors

Klien Electrician's/ HVAC Multimeter MM 1000
Backlit Display

Klien Electrician's/ HVAC Multimeter MM 1000

Klein Electrician's /HVAC Multimeter , MM1000

Klein MM1000 Features:

  • Display Brighter than most competitive units
  • Bar Graph measures fast moving readings.
  • uA Setting for checking flame sensors.
  • 10A AC/DC current
  • Temperature
  • Lead Storage protects leads
  • Rubber Molding for Drop Protection
  • 1000V voltage reading
  • CAT IV safety rating safest rating available.
  • Double Insulated

MM1000 Electrician's / HVAC Multimeter $77.18

Specification of MM1000:
DC Current AC Current10A
DC Current DC Current10A
AC Voltage AC Voltage 1000V
DC Voltage DC Voltage 1000V
Resistance Resistance 40MΩ
Resistance Micro Amps ≥0.1μA
Resistance Capacitance 4000μF
Resistance Temperature -58~1832°F
Resistance Frequency/Duty Cycle 1MHz
  CAT Rating CAT IV 600V
  Dimensions 7.00" H x 3.5" W x 1.875" D
(178 mm H x 88.9 mm W x 47.6 mm D)
  Weight 14.0 oz.(397g)
Used To :
Diode Diode Test
Continuity Continuity


Klein 69401 Carrying Case

Klein 3-1/2 inch Multimeter Carrying Case, 69401

The Klein Tools, Inc. 3-1/2 in. Multimeter Carrying Case was designed from the ground up by electricians for electricians. This heavy-duty carrying case offers convenient storage for CL100, CL200, CL1000, CL2000, CL3000, MM100, MM200, MM1000, MM2000, ET50, ET100 and ET200 test and measurement products.

Klein 69401 Features:

  • 6000-denier nylon construction provides durability
  • 3-1/2 in. W x 9-1/2 in. H for convenient storage of a multimeter (not included)
  • Heavy-duty PVC zipper closes securely
  • Zinc alloy zipper tag for easy zipper movement
  • Convenient storage for CL100, CL200, CL1000, CL2000, CL1000, CL3000, MM100, MM200, MM1000, MM2000, ET50, ET100, and ET200 test and measurement products

69401 3-1/2 inch Multimeter Carrying Case $7.06

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