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Husqvarna - Partner K 760 Power Cutters


Husqvarna - Partner 12 Inch Gas Cut Off Saw Model K760
Husqvarna - Partner K760 Power Cutter
966433201 12 Inch Gas Cut Off Saw $912.99
967181002 14 Inch Gas Cut Off Saw New Husqvarna Tool $934.99
K760 has Husqvarna's exclusive motor technology, DualCharge, which provides an extremely powerful motor producing 3.7 kW with low emissions and impressive fuel economy. In short, a cleaner and more efficient motor. The K 760 is also fitted with a large, effective muffler, and a newly developed vibration dampening system that provides an extremely quiet and easy-to-use machine.Blades sold separately.

Husqvarna - Partner K760 Special Features:

Motor with DualCharge provides better power, higher torque and 70% less emissions.

Active Air Filtration
Centrifugal air cleaning in three stages increases service life and extends the intervals between services.

Built-in automatic filter compensation, maintains high power and lowers fuel consumption.

Dust sealed starter with durable starter cord reduces the risk of downtime and increases reliability and service life.

ensures 50% easier starting by reducing the compression in the cylinder during starting.
Additional Husqvarna - Partner K760 Features:
  • Includes wet cutting kit
  • Reversible cutting arm for working closer to walls and the ground.
  • Sealed transmission reduces the wear and slippage risk.
  • Easy-view fuel indicator displays the fuel level in the tank.
  • Self-lubricating clutch bearings for extended work life.
  • Easy-adjust blade guard
  • The flow can be adjusted during operation and the water nozzle is optimally positioned.
  • Replaceable arbor bushing
  • The newly developed vibration dampening system results in lower vibrations and more comfortable operation.
  • The Poly V drive belt ensures better transmission, less re-tensioning and increased service life.
  • Automatic lubrication of the clutch bearing provides increased service life and more reliable operation.
  • 25% lower sound level thanks to a larger muffler.
  • Practical holder for the spark plug wrench by the water valve.
  • Clearly-visible fuel indicator in the tank shows the fuel level.
  • Vibration dampening system that reduces vibrations, below 5 m/s2, and makes operation more comfortable.
  • Shop for Husqvarna - Target Saw Blades
Additional Husqvarna 967181002 Features: New Husqvarna Tool

Explore what makes the new K760 II even better!

More flexible, less strenuous.
The new, light magnesium blade guard makes cutting easier. Thanks to a stepless adjustment, you can easily change the cutting position. The new blade guard also helps reduce vibrations.

More dust resistance, less service needed.

The new tank ventilation ensures good air supply to the fuel tank and prevents dust from entering the tank, which means more reliable operation and longer intervals between servicing.

More accurate settings, less water and slurry.

The new wet cutting system makes dust control easier. A progressive water valve allows exact adjustment of the water volume, greatly reducing water consumption and slurry.

More reliable starts, reduced vibration.

The new digital ignition system makes the cutter easier to start. The ignition is optimized for smoother engine performance, which means reduced vibrations and user strain.

More efficient engine, fewer emissions.
The new cylinder delivers more efficient combustion, which combined with extra cooling fins reduces emissions by 15 %. It also makes the machine less sensitive to variations in climate and fuel.
Enhanced ergonomics
  • New, light magnesium blade guard
  • New, stepless blade guard adjustment
  • Enhanced power-to-weight ratio
  • Reduced vibrations (below 2.5 m / s2)
  • New progressive water valve
  • New starter handle
  • New flip-up fuel cap
Optimized performance
  • New cylinder
  • New digital ignition system
  • X-Torq® (patented engine technology)
Elevated startability
  • New digital ignition system
  • New fast idle lock in choke lever
  • New starter handle
Improved dust control
  • New wet cutting system
  • New stepless blade guard adjustment
Increased reliability.
  • New tank ventilation
  • New cylinder
  • New heat-resistant rear belt cover
  • New wet cutting system
  • Active Air Filtration™
  • DuraStarter™

Specs for Husqvarna - Partner K760 Power Cutter
  966433201 967181002 New Husqvarna Tool
Engine Air-cooled 2 stroke engine Air-cooled 2 stroke engine
Displacement 74 cc 74 cc
Max. Power - HP (kW) 5 (3.7) 5 (3.7)
Blade Dia. - In. (mm) 12 (300) 14 (350)
Cutting Depth - In. (mm) 4 (100) 5 (125)
Tool Weight - lbs. (kg) 20.7 (9.4) 21.4 (9.7)

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