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rollatape measuring wheels

Rolatape Measuring Wheels

Rolatape Measuring Wheels

Rolatape Corp is the world's leading manufacturer of quality measuring wheels and offers over 30 Rolatape measuring wheel models. Rolatape's measuring wheels range from small indoor-use wheels for simple jobs to large circumference outdoor-use wheels that handle the roughest terrain. Rolatape has the right measuring wheel for your needs.

Rolatape Measure Master Commercial Series

Introduced in the 1960's the Measure Master Commercial Series was designed to handle the needs of professionals and homeowners alike. While maintaining our focus on quality and accuracy, the Measure Master Commercial Series measuring wheels feature an axle driven counter that adds in forward and subtracts in reverse. The Measure Master Commercial Series is priced right with quality that beats the competition.

Rolatape MM-12 Series Measuring Wheel

MM-12 Series
Measuring Wheels

Rolatape RT204 Series Dual 4-inch Measuring Wheel

From $29.99
RT204 Series
Dual 4-inch Measuring Wheel

Rolatape MM-30 Series Measuring Wheels

MM-30 Series
Measuring Wheels

Rolatape MM-50 Series Measuring Wheels

MM-50 Series
Measuring Wheels

Rolatape RT Series Measuring Wheels

The RT Series provides reliable measuring for both the needs of professionals & homeowners alike. For use on counter tops to sidewalks, construction sites, & rough terrain.

Rolatape RT30T Measuring Wheels

RT30T Measuring Wheels

Rolatape RT312 Measuring Wheels

From $55.99
RT312 and RT312M Measuring Wheels

Rolatape RT320 Measuring Wheels

RT320 Measuring Wheels

Rolatape RT412D Measuring Wheels

RT412D Measuring Wheels

Rolatape RT66 Measuring Wheels

RT66 Measuring Wheels

Rolatape Professional Series Measuring Wheels

Professionals in many fields count on the Rolatape Professional Series to provide reliable measuring under the toughest conditions. Featuring all steel construction, a 5-digit ratchet counter, calibrated wide rubber tire and safety-glo powder coating, the Professional Series measuring wheels have set the standard for quality, accuracy and dependability since 1950.

Rolatape 112 Series Measuring Wheels

112 Series
Measuring Wheels

Rolatape 300 Series Measuring Wheels

300 Series
Measuring Wheels

Rolatape 400 Series Measuring Wheels

From $78.99
400 Series
Measuring Wheels

Rolatape 415 Series Measuring Wheels

From $118.99
400 Series Belt Drive
Measuring Wheels

Rolatape 415 Series Measuring Wheels

From $119.99
415 Series
Measuring Wheels

Rolatape 600 Series Measuring Wheels

From $149.99
600 Series
Measuring Wheels

Rolatape ProMarker Series Measuring Wheels

New to the Rolatape line the ProMarker combines a measuring wheel with a unique marking wand. How many times have you found yourself using a measuring wheel and need to mark your locations? To this point you've had two options: (1) Carry a can of paint that requires bending to apply or (2) Carry a separate spray wand with paint can loaded. In both cases your hands are filled with no way to jot down your notes, other than to lay something down. Rolatape's answer is the unique ProMarker series with wand and stand (patent).

Rolatape Pro Marker 30 Measuring Wheel

Pro Marker 30 Measuring Wheel

Rolatape Pro Marker 400 Measuring Wheel

Pro Marker 400 Measuring Wheel

Rolatape Cases and Accessories

Rolatape Pro Marker 30 Measuring Wheel      Rolatape Pro Marker 30 Measuring Wheel      Rolatape Pro Marker 30 Measuring Wheel

Cases and Accessories

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