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Sperry Instruments

Sperry Instruments

Every Sperry product meets strict standards of reliability, durability and accuracy.
That's why people ask for Sperry by name when they need testing instruments for electrical, electronic, and climate control for residential, industrial, commercial and utility use.
Multimeters & Testers Insulation Testers
Earth Resistance Testers Power Meters
Ohmmeters & Ammeters (Snap Arounds & Clamps)

 Multi-meters (Multimeters) & Multi-testers
ADM-28 Automotive Digital Multimeter
 Ohmmeters & Ammeters (Clamp & Snap Arounds)
DSA1020TRMS TRMS Digital Snap-Around Volt-Ohmmeter-Ammeter
DSA2003 AC & AC/DC Digital Volt-Ohmmeter-Ammeter
DSA2009 TRMS AC & AC/DC Digital Volt-Ohmmeter-Ammeter
 Insulation Testers (Analog, Digital & Earth)
3005MOV Digital Insulation Tester - Manual
6017 Digital Insulation & Earth Tester
3132MOV Analog Insulation Testers - 1MΩ/250V; 2MΩ/500V; 4MΩ/1000V
 Earth Resistance Testers (Analog & Digital)
4102MOV Earth Resistance Tester - Analog

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