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Starrett Precision Measuring Tools

Starrett Master Precision Level

Master Precision Level by Starrett

No. 199 (15"/380mm)
Starrett 199 - Master Precision Level
This Master Precision Level is especially designed to set up, check and test machinery of all types. The efficiency of modern, high speed machinery depends to a large degree upon the levelness of the machine set-up.

With this Master Level you can tell at a glance the exact variation of the levelness of the machinery and make the necessary adjustments.

  • Ground and graduated main vial of 10-second accuracy; one division equals 1/2 thousandth (0.0005) of an inch per foot, or 0.04mm per meter
  • Main vials have seven graduations on each side of the bubble
  • Auxiliary level vial shows lateral position and assists in horizontal setting
  • Level vials are positioned so breakage is reduced to a minimum
  • Fool-proof adjustment to avoid tampering, once set
  • Special alloy iron used to obtain freedom from thermal effects
  • Castings are thoroughly seasoned and machined
  • Reference surface is scraped
  • Nonmachined surfaces have a black wrinkle finish
  • Insulation from handling by means of top plate of nonconductive material

Length Base Width Base Height Level Catalog No. Price  
Inch mm Inch mm Inch mm
15" 380mm 1 5/8" 40mm 3" 75mm 199Z $784.99
15" 380mm 1 5/8" 40mm 3" 75mm 199Z W/SLC $827.49
199Z W/SLC - Includes redemption card for Standard Letter of Certification (SLC).

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