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Starrett Micrometer Heads
Starrett Outside Micrometers
  • Starrett Electronic Micrometers -3732 Series
    Starrett 3732 micrometers provide Starrett durability and reliability in a full function, economical non-output electronic micrometer.
    Ranges : 0-1" to 5-6" English/Metric and 0-25mm to 125-150mm Metric/English electronic micrometers.
Starrett Special Function Outside Micrometers
  • Starrett Paper Gage Micrometers - No. 223 / 223M Series
    This micrometer is designed for use in paper mills, printing shops, paper warehouses, rubber plants, etc. for accurately, quickly measuring the thickness of paper, cardboard, chipboard, rubber, plastics, and other similar products, up to 11/32" (8.75mm).
    Ranges: 0-11/32", 0-8.75mm
  • Starrett Hub Micrometers - No. 228 / 228M
    An ideal tool for precision measuring of hub thickness, for insertion through small holes to measure thickness and for many other related uses.
    Ranges: 0-1", 0-25mm
Starrett Inside Micrometers & Starrett Precision End Measuring Rods
Starrett Depth Micrometers
Starrett Micrometers Accessories

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