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Home Starrett Precision Tools

Starrett Precision Measuring Tools

Starrett Precision Tools

Starrett Ground Tooth Jig Saw Blades Starrett Carbide Grit Hole Saw
Starrett Plaster Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blades
Starrett Quick-Shot with Drill and Arbor Hole Saw Blades

Saw Blades

Starrett Electronic Calipers No. 798 SeriesStarrett Stainless Steel Pocket Slide Caliper

Electronic, Dial, Master Vernier, and Pocket Slide Calipers

Starrett Outside Micrometers No. 230 and 230M SeriesStarrett Mul-T-Anvil MicrometersStarrett Can Curl Micrometers

Outside, Inside, Depth, and Specialty Micrometers

Starrett No. 435 Series with Cast Iron HeadsStarrett Improved Diemakers Square with Angular AdjustmentStarrett Master Precision Squares with Beveled Edges

Combination Squares and Sets

Starrett Dial Test Indicators with Dovetail MountsStarrett Test Indicator and Holder SetsStarrett Last Word Dial Test Indicators

Dial Test Indicators and their Attachments

Starrett 2 1/4 Inch Dial Indicators - 25 Series with Plain BearingsStarrett Special Indicator Backs: Magnetic Back 676 SeriesStarrett F2730IQ Digital IndicatorStarrett Dial Comparators with Granite Base

Dial Indicators and Electronic Digital Indicators

Starrett Magnetic Base Indicator Holder with Swivel Post Assembly 657AStarrett Magnetic Base Indicator Holder 657AAStarrett Magnetic Base Universal Indicator Holder with Triple Jointed Arm 657-1 and 657-2 SeriesStarrett Magnetic Base Indicator Holder W/ Flex-O-Post 657TStarrett Magnetic Base Indicator Holder and Indicators 657E, 657EZ and 657MEZ

Magnetic Base Indicator Holders

Starrett Dial Bore Gages No. 82 and 82M SeriesStarrett Digital Micrometer Depth Gages in MillimetersStarrett Thickness Gage or Feeler Stock Assortment

Bore, Depth, Fixed Standards, Height, Hole, and Slot Gages

Starrett V-Block and Clamp No. 278Starrett Dual-Vee Magnetic V-BlockStarrett Combination Hand Vise

Machinists Precision Shop Tools

Starrett Apprentice Tool Sets No. S904 and S904M   Starrett Basic Precision Tool Sets

Tool Sets

Starrett Master Precision Level - No. 199
Starrett Precision Bench Level with Double Plumb - 132 Series

Levels in US and Millimeters

Starrett Steel Rules with Inch GraduationsStarrett ProSite Series Protractors and Miter Saw Protractors

Protractors, Precision Rules, Straight Edges,
Parallels and Angle Measurements

Starrett Steel Rules with Inch Graduations

Tough Measuring Tapes

Starrett Accessories - Key Caddy

Accessories - Key Caddy

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